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At Ambiance Detox & Recovery, we are experts in Detox and Drug & Alcohol Treatments. With years of expertise, trusted by both patients and physicians, we are devoted to helping our clients to achieve their goals.

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Welcome to Ambiance Detox & Recovery

 At Ambiance Detox & Recovery, we strive to be more than a warm, safe space to overcome the physical aspects of drug and alcohol abuse. Our nurturing, recovery-focused atmosphere allows clients to turn the focus inward on the self-exploration and transformation of addiction recovery. Ambiance Detox & Recovery offers a full spectrum of treatment options and resources for a well-rounded recovery experience.

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Programs & Therapy

All of our experienced therapists and clinical staff are equipped to handle all cases of alcohol and substance use disorders, from mild to severe.

Case Management

Clients who have had a rocky sobriety journey fraught with relapse and difficulty may also benefit from personalized case management at Ambiance Detox & Recovery.

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Drug Testing

Drug tests are used throughout the drug rehab and recovery process for a variety of reasons. Drug tests are generally administered prior to admission to

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Aftercare Planning

The potential for relapse is a reality for anyone recovering from drug addiction. When individuals finish residential programs, they often feel like they’re ready to

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Relapse Prevention

Ambiance Detox & Recovery is committed in both your initial detox and rehabilitation, and in your life long recovery Part of that preparation includes arming

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Through a blend of breath, flow, and meditation, yoga promotes healing and relieves stress in men and women recovering from substance abuse. Yoga is one

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Art Therapy

Art therapy helps people express emotions and experiences in creative ways. Art therapy can be useful for people who have trouble connecting with or verbalizing

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Fitness Therapy

Improve Physical Fitness to Fight Addiction Continued drug and alcohol abuse eats away at a person’s physical strength and health. Once they’ve fallen into full

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Individual Therapy

Ambiance Detox & Recovery Center has a staff of highly trained professionals who are passionate about helping people with different addictions. Our team wants to

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