Relapse Prevention

Ambiance Detox & Recovery is committed in both your initial detox and rehabilitation, and in your life long recovery

Part of that preparation includes arming you with the tools to prevent relapse.

Some Techniques Learned in Our Program

As you may or may not know, the very moment that you think about using or drinking again, you are at risk of a relapse. Now, when you hear that word, relapse, the very sound of it probably gives you anxiety. First and foremost, we need to alter that perception.

Although relapse is something that you want to prevent, if you spend mental energy thinking things such as, “Oh my goodness, what if I relapse?” or, “I hope I don’t relapse today,” or, “A relapse would be the worst thing ever!” you are actually preventing yourself from living a sober life.

If you know that relapse is not just a specific event, but actually an extended process that consists of three stages, you’ll learn that relapse can be prevented if you have the tools and know the signs that you are headed for possible trouble.

There are actually three states of relapse. They are:
  • Emotional (“Ugh, I’m sooo stressed out today!”)
  • Mental (“Hmmm, maybe going to see that girl I used to smoke with wouldn’t be such a bad idea.”)
  • Physical (“I’m too tired to go to therapy today.”)

It’s like a three-legged stool. If all three are in good condition, the chances of you relapsing are low (i.e., the stool won’t fall). If one leg of the stool (maybe you’re really upset about something) is broken, the chances of relapsing have increased. So, your job is to make sure these three legs are healthy and strong.

And you can do that with your mind, body and spirit. Here are some tips on how to stay balanced. Yes, one of them is to eat healthy and keep your belly happy.

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