Individual Therapy

Ambiance Detox & Recovery Center has a staff of highly trained professionals who are passionate about helping people with different addictions. Our team wants to support you as best as possible in your recovery, and we want to provide you with personal attention. Through individual therapy, you’ll get the one-on-one attention and support you need to overcome your addiction. We offer you a safe environment where you can discuss the sources of your alcohol or drug addiction.

Confidential Individual Therapy

When you’re in your active addiction, it’s possible for you to feel alone, isolated, misunderstood and unheard. We want to change that. One of the primary reasons you may continue using is because you feel like nobody understands. The other major issue that you may deal with is feeling as though those you love are judging you. Our therapists come from a place of caring and understanding, sans judgment.

We know that addiction is a very serious, cunning mental illness that makes people do things they wouldn’t normally. In some cases, your addiction may be the result of traumatic events. We’re not here to judge your past, but to help you uncover the potential sources of your addiction. In fact, when working with our therapists, your confidentiality is 100% protected in each session.

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